Week 7 Review/Stats

October 18, 2013

by Ashley Guinan, Staff Writer  October 18, 2013 

Well, I have now been on both ends of a #5 team being upset by an unranked team. I can tell you, it’s a lot more fun when you are cheering on the unranked team! I was lucky enough to be at Utah’s game this past week as they upset Stanford. I was unlucky enough to fly to Nebraska in 2010 as they were upset by a team I don’t like to mention. It doesn’t feel like things have been made even to me, but at least Utah can chase bowl eligibility now!

The college football playoff selection committee has been officially announced. It’s starting to look like we could really need a playoff this year...I think there will be more than 2 undefeated teams standing in December. Teams like Louisville will be on the outside looking in AGAIN this year.

Two quarterbacks remain--Marcus Mariota (165 attempts) and Connor Shaw (124 attempts) have not thrown an interception all season. Everyone else in the current NCAA pass efficiency top 50 has thrown at least one.

3rd down conversions--Converting on 3rd down and stopping your opponent on 3rd down is very important. UCLA and Louisville both rank in the top 5 nationally for offensive 3rd down conversions and limiting conversions while on defense. This is a huge reason why both teams remain undefeated.

Well-rounded teams--Wisconsin and Florida St. have both a top 10 defense and top 10 offense. Wisconsin is giving up 267 yds/game (5th) and gaining 519 yds/game (9th). Florida St. is giving up 277 yds/game (7th) and gaining 549 yds/game (4th). Both of these teams look pretty solid, and should finish the season with great records. Looking strictly at scoring offense and scoring defense, Wisconsin drops out of the top ten in scoring offense. Florida St. remains, and is joined in both categories by Oregon and Miami (FL).

Turnover margin--If Southern Miss is wondering why they still haven’t won a game since 2011, they can point to their terrible turnover margin. They average -2.3 this season, last in the NCAA. On the flip side, Houston is +2.8 per game this year to go along with their 5-0 record. You’ve been warned, BYU fans.

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