Week 6 Review

October 10, 2013

by Ashley Guinan, Staff Writer  October 10, 2013


Just a few quick things this week. Another coach has been fired (Don Treadwell, Miami of Ohio), and Georgia finds themselves with serious injury problems. Can they survive?

A fun find for the week: The College Football Belt Championship. Starting with the first documented CFB game between Princeton and Rutgers, the current belt holder converges to Baylor. Here is a full history, see how many times your team has held the belt in the past 40 years. http://collegefootballbelt.com/Seasons.htm

You might remember Jack Hoffman, the boy who won an ESPY after running for a touchdown in Nebraska’s spring game. His birthday (Sept 26) has been designated as National Pediatric Brain Cancer Awareness day, and Jack celebrated his 8th birthday with a huge fundraising event. On October 2nd, Jack’s family was told that he is in remission and his port can be removed. Great news! This is one of my favorite parts of college football--it is about more than just the game, and can help raise awareness for important causes.

Jordan Matthews of Vanderbilt is averaging 120.7 rec yards the past 15 SEC games. You don’t hear or see much of Vanderbilt, but this guy is obviously a gamer. Defenses key on him and he still comes up with big game after big game.

Lache Seastrunk has had two carries after half time this season, and still leads the Big 12 in rushing. That’s how explosive Baylor’s offense has been this season.

Brandon Facyson is tied for first place in the nation with 4 interceptions on the season, and is starting to take reps on offense in practice. He will lose his starting spot on defense when Antone Exum makes it back on the field for the Hokies, but will likely still rotate in on defense. This true freshman is being trusted to handle roles on both sides of the ball, and has a bright future ahead.

Sean Mannion of Oregon St. is the first QB to hit 2,000 passing yards this season, and is averaging 403.6 yds/game so far.

Now that the #2 QB on Nebraska’s depth chart is clear, has there ever been a roster situation like this? Nebraska’s #1 is Taylor Martinez (no suffix), #2 is Tommy Armstrong JR, #3 is Ron Kellogg III, and Johnny Stanton IV is not listed during his redshirt year. It’s strange enough to have a Jr, III, IV all playing one position on one team, but even stranger their position on the depth chart matches their generational suffix.

Two defenses have not allowed a rushing TD yet this season...is it weird they both play in a run-heavy league? One could argue that Michigan and Iowa’s defenses are built to stop the run. They have been so far.

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