Week 5 Review

October 3, 2013

by Ashley Guinan, Staff Writer  October 3, 2013

Week 5 Review

I have to admit, I didn’t watch a single CFB game this week (gasp!), as I had a major work deadline I had to take care of. It’s also why I didn’t write anything last week. So this week, I can’t really talk about teams performances, but there is still plenty to talk about as always.

Mid-season Firings:

Two coaches were let go after their 4th game of the season. Is it right to fire a coach mid-season? I think in the case of Lane Kiffin, USC made the right choice. He was given a chance to correct things after last season, and again after losing to Washington State. He showed that he could not make the corrections a coach of a team with superior athletes should be able to make. There’s no sense wasting more time on a guy like that in my opinion. While I feel for the players, this may be what they need to turn their season around a little bit. When you have arguably the best receiver in the nation and refuse to get him the ball, and refuse to throw the long ball, something is wrong. Hopefully Orgeron will play to win, and get the ball in Lee’s hands once he is healthy.

You can make the case for or against Pasqualoni being fired this early at UConn. He was in his third season, and has not shown improvement in the W/L category, with an overall record of 10-18 and a season record of 0-4. However, if they had pulled off the upset against Michigan just two weeks ago, they probably don’t play deflated against Buffalo and stand at 2-2 with a signature win. Considering UConn didn’t owe him much in a buyout, this may have been a good choice, and the players will rally around each other and salvage their season.

In both cases, the ADs had a lot of pressure, and at least chose to fire coaches before bye weeks, giving the interims some extra time to get used to their new responsibilities. They also have time to consider options for next season, whereas teams who wait to fire coaches until after the season sometimes get the second pick at available coaches.


Will the Academies play this week? It would be a shame to not see an Air Force-Navy matchup this year. All three got to play during the last government shutdown in 1995, but all three played at home that week. Lawyers are still trying to work out whether travel funds are congressionally appropriated for Air Force and Army. A final decision will be made by Thursday at noon.

Aaron Murray Record Watch:

I just love the guy, and don’t think he gets enough credit for what he has done. He is close to breaking some SEC records, and already is the only QB in SEC history to have 3 seasons with 3,000+ passing yards:

  • Career passing yards (David Greene 11,528)-Murray has 11,429 and should break this one this week

  • Career TD passes (Danny Wuerffel 114)-Murray has 106

  • Career pass completions (Chris Leak 895)-Murray has 775

  • Career total offense (Tim Tebow 12,232)-Murray has 11,651

  • Season pass yards (Tim Couch 4,275)-Assuming Murray keeps his average of 334/game and the Bulldogs play in the SEC championship game and bowl game, he will finish with 4,683 passing yards
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