The Undefeated in the NFL

by Carter Crosland, DL Coach  October 2, 2013

So the NFL season is already a quarter of the way through, and we still have a handful of teams undefeated. Who would you pick as your surprise undefeated team so far? Is it the Chiefs? Maybe the Saints? Who are your biggest disappointments? The Giants at 0-4? The 0-4 Steelers? Or the underachieving Falcons?

I'd have to say my biggest surprise team would have to be the Chiefs, I am really starting to buy-in to the Worst to First predictions of some. Alex Smith has been solid, and Andy Reid has really played to his QB's strengths thus far. On the flipside, I'm absolutely floored that the Giants are 0-4! They have most of their playmakers back this year, and well as a stud Defensive End in JPP! Some say they can run the table, but I don't buy it.

What say you Falconz Nation? Till next time!

Coach Carter

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