The Health of Austin Collie

October 6, 2013

by Carter Crosland, DL Coach  October 6, 2013

Austin Collie was arguably the best college receiver the state of Utah has ever seen. Collie broke all sorts of records while suiting up for BYU, and the analysts were all raving about how well he could do in the NFL. The only concern about Collie was if he could stay healthy and on the field. Collie was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts, and hooked up for TD after TD with Peyton Manning throwing him the ball. Collie looked like he had finally put his injury questions behind him!

Unfortunately, the next season the injury bug struck again, and Collie was lost for most of the season due to lingering concussion and knee problems. Ultimately, Collie was released by the Colts, and hasn't played in a regular season game for almost two years. Collie was picked up by the 49ers in the preseason, but was once again let go before be could show his ability. The New England Patriots were the next team to give Collie a shot. Would this be the stop that finally gets his career back on track?

Bill and Tom, as I like to call them, are masters at turning ordinary Receivers into All-Pro caliber guys. Can Collie finally stay healthy, and avoid yet another concussion? I hope that Collie is finally able to have success, and that he's able to have a long and healthy career.

So Falconz Nation, what say you? Are the Patriots the perfect landing spot? Will Collie stay healthy? Will this just be more of the same? Let us know in the comments below.

Till next time Falconz Nation!
Coach Carter

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