Week 3 Review

By Ashley Guinan September 21, 2013

After only three weeks of play, I have changed some opinions on teams already. Here’s that, and some other headlines in CFB this week.

Trending up: Ohio St, Florida St, Baylor, Texas Tech

Before the season started, I didn’t think Ohio State was truly worthy of a #2 ranking based on how lucky they got against Purdue and other teams last year, but at this point I have to admit they are looking good. I was really reserved about Florida State before the season, but now think Jameis Winston is the real deal. We still have yet to see how he performs against a defense that really pressures him, but I think he will still be good against great defenses. I also think Baylor deserves a better ranking at this point. We will see how they do in league play though. Texas Tech is also a pleasant surprise while breaking in new coach Kliff Kingsbury. But, if anyone knows how to get them back to “guns up” traditions, it’s Kingsbury.

Trending down: Texas, USC, USC EAST

I didn’t think Texas or USC were going to be great, but I expected them to be top 25 teams all season. Boy was I wrong! Both teams could completely fall apart, even with the huge amounts of talent they have. They could also regroup and start beating the teams they are expected to as well. In the not-so-obvious category is South Carolina. Yes, their only loss is to a great Georgia team, but the defense isn’t looking like they can carry the team through the SEC schedule right now. Clowney isn’t dominating as expected, and the coaches are fighting amongst themselves.

 “Points” taken off scoreboard: This week saw a lot of “scoring plays” taken off the board. I think all cases were the correct call.

  1. TCU had a punt return called back. The officials determined the returner called for a fair catch, which negated the 69 yard return for touchdown.

  2. Texas Tech had a touchdown where the scoring player dropped the ball before crossing the goal line. THIS WAS FOR THE WINNING SCORE!!! What kills me if we’ve seen this happen before, players should NEVER drop the ball a half a yard early. Hand the ball to the ref at the back of the endzone to be sure your score counts. Luckily for Washington, Tech was still able to score on that possession and win the game.

  3. UCLA kicked a field goal wide right, but the on-field officials called it good. I wondered why the home team Nebraska fans were cheering on this, but the field officials signalled it was a good attempt. Video review took the points off the scoreboard, as it showed the ball did not make it inside the uprights.

Fun Stat: If you watched the A&M and Alabama game (who didn’t?), you know Mike Evans is a pretty good WR. He had 7 catches for 279 yards and 1 TD in the game. On the season, he already has more receiving yards than 35 FBS TEAMS. Pretty good for a guy that had very few football offers after picking up the sport as a HS senior.

Fox on Sidelines: In case the TCU Texas Tech game wasn’t exciting enough, a fox showed up on the sidelines during the game. The Tech mascot couldn’t catch it, but security finally did.

Pelini-Gate: How many coaches are wondering what kind of audio recordings of them are floating around after audio of Bo Pelini from 2011 was released this week? And should coaches be more on the hot seat for things they said in what they assumed to be a private setting? We’ll see how this affects the Huskers season. I think it will blow over and the Huskers have more to worry about (like their QB situation).

That’s all I have this week. There aren’t too many nationally exciting games this week, but I know the locals are ready for the Holy War!

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